depressedgayboy (depressedgayboy) wrote,

I am surviving

Sorry for not posting for over a month. I have been on good terms for my depression. I quit my medication a month ago and I serisouly think that it was making me feel worse. The weathers warm, and i think that has alot to do with my depression. Not everything dead like in the winter. Been feeling alright latley. My uncle died at 41 at the end of april. That was real real tough. I am out to many people now too. I dont go around parading that I am gay, just sit down and talk to people about it. It turns out that alot of my friends are supportive, I have lost a few good friends just because im gay, but I have decided that If they can not cope with the fact that i am atracted to the same sex then they dont need to be in my life. I do have a special someone in my life now. I met him clearly for a one night stand. I had no idea it would turn out anything like it has. He is amazing in everyway. It was only been a week and one day since we have been dating. I love him I really do. He makes me feel special. Like I am worth living in his eyes. He is my adorable little boy. When he holds me it just makes me feel invincible. I havent exactly told him about my depression mostly because I am ashamed of it, but I almost never have days like i used to. Although I havent seen my theripist in over 3 or 4 months, I do think about what he told me about my depression. Like how you cant take everything so hard because it will tare you down. And I do believe that now. My Life has been alright latley. My depresison lingures. But still there. Everyday I pray that I do not relapes back into it. It was the worst time of my life. I even thought of ending it there. Im very glad I havent or else I wouldnt be here today happyer then ever. Just remember guys, today might be the worst time ever. You may want to end it so bad. Seems the only way out. Believe me I have been there alot. Tomarro is a new day. New opportunities. New Begginings. Live life to its fullest.     Live; Love; Be;

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