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I cant believe my mother

So today was an average tiring day. I woke up and barley made it through the morning process with out passing out. Went to school for my 7.5 hours and went tanning. The on my way home I decided that i had enough balls to call up my mom and tell her that I was depressed. so sat there and was like you just need to snap out of it. no medication will take care of it. she said she has been battling it for years. I was like maybe mother if you would take the medicine that you wouldnt have to battle it. after me getting angry and yelling at her she goes what are you oging to go and kill your self now. I froze and was like what did you say to me. she was like your depressed right. I was like yea but that doesnt automatically mean that I am suicidal. I was so mad. then I went to work and was bored out of my mind. come home and found out that my mom told my dad. hes like did you want me to make you perogies to make you feel better. like that would solve it all dad, just I was mad she told him before I even had the chance. and during work she was texting me and was like i dont want to loose me little boy. and was like do i have to quite my job and be with you all the time to watch you. i was like what the fuck. she pisses me off so much. ok but tomarro im going to the doctors to see what she says. fun fun. nite ntie all
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